The secret diary of god

(aged 9 million trillion years)

Koos Kombuis

Zebra Press 2003
Koos Kombuis

"We have much for which to thank Koos Kombuis. Before Koos Kombuis, the inner workings of God's mind were revealed only to crazies with car bombs, half-naked nutters on mountain tops, nascent serial killers looking for direction in life, and Americans. Now, like an unshaven modern-day Prometheus, Koos Kombuis has snatched the sacred fire of God's inner thoughts, and has returned to share them with us. After reading this book you need never read another self-help book, watch another episode of Oprah, attend another session with the shrink, or wish upon another star. You may however need to order a couple of drinks. If you want to understand quantum physics, crop circles, the conflict in the Middle East, why the caged bird sings, the Kabbala, and the legend of Tassenberg - not to mention the meaning of life and what it's all about - I can imagine no better place to start than in the pages of this book"

Darrel Bristow-Bovey.

"Disgusting! If we were still in power, this blasphemy would never have seen the light of day! Sies!"

Evita Bezuidenhout, former ambassador to the independent homeland of Bapetikosweti

Cover illustration by Joe Dog and Konradski of Bitterkomix

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